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2008-02-17 20:24:27 by Noizaholic

Thank you Newground friends for everything, I will continue to make music in the name of my supporters and may I always stay a Newgroundie. Comment this and I'll make a list of friends that support me. You have been great, and I'm sure you shall remain the same.

You watched me grow, now see me shine

My favorite songs by me! [top 5]

1. Radon
2. Ghostclocks
3. X-Underground
4. Fantectacy Mind
5. Liquid Elemental

My favorite songs by others! [Top 5]

1. Chaoz Fantasy - ParagonX9
2. Venom - Ivan-Ether
3. Pure - Ivan-Ether
4. Hillbilly Breakout - Waterflame
5. Horror - 2nd-Edition



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2008-02-26 15:09:47

Blake... I see you. lol. i got songs up. yur stuff is ballin


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